Current Inventory

Current Inventory as of 10/15/17

Straight and lap-able sheets.

Here, I wiped off an area of field dust residue to show how the material will look once its cleaned up.

This photo is the backside of one of sheets showing the surface rust that was forming where the purlins were.

There is an occasional larger rust hole on the sheets. (Like one or two per sheet.)

The 5 photos shown above is a batch of used white metal roofing sheets that were just brought in. Each sheet covers 36" across the width. The sheets were all screwed on and removed with care. The fastening holes are through the ribs and every 24" on center. I currently have 40 sheets that are 25' long. There is some surface rust forming on the sheets on the backside where the purlins were(see pics). Also one or two of the fastening holes per sheet is larger due to rust deterioration (see pics). There is some typical field dust residue as they were taken down from dairy cattle buildings in central Wisconsin but they'll clean up(see pics). I would grade this material as a B- to C+. Would be ideal for liner sheets, siding or barn roof repairs, wind break, privacy fence, skirting. All the sheets are straight and lap-able without cutouts kinks or tears (see pics). We go through each sheet one by one to grade them and assure their consistency and reusability. Sold on a first come, first served basis. Call to place your order. Here is what I have left now on these:
26@14'6" for $12 per sheet. 
WI Steel 920-923-1716 

Shown above is a used batch of white metal roofing sheets that just arrived. Each sheet covers 30" across the width. Heavy 26 gauge material. The sheets were all nailed on and removed with care. All the sheets are straight and lap-able without cutouts, kinks or tears. The paint is faded, but still looks good with many years of life left on these sheets. Would be ideal for a multitude of reuses. Here is what I currently have available.
35@13' x 30" = $12.00 per sheet.
Sold on a first come, first served basis. Call to place your order.
WI Steel 920-923-1716 

The above photo show a small batch of used weathered galvanized metal roofing sheets with minor surface rust. Each sheet covers 24" across the width. This batch consists of 14@ 8' = 224 Square feet total. All for just $100. Call today to reserve.
Wisconsin Steel 920-923-1716

New perforated steel panels 18 gauge good for a multitude of uses. Building livestock pens because its excellent wind break and sturdy as guard railing, fencing, greenhouse trays, soffit raised vegetable beds. Painted brown. Each sheet is 10' long and 22" wide. I currently have 55 available and just $10 each while they last.  

Shown above is a new batch of white perforated steel panels. Ultra heavy commercial grade 18 gauge new material. Each sheet is 10' long and covers 24" across the width. I currently have 50 available. Just $10 per sheet while they last. Great for livestock pens, as they are very sturdy and provide excellent windbreak. Call to place your order. WI Steel 920-923-1716