Current Inventory

**Special Note: Free Delivery to many Wisconsin areas for orders placed in July.     

Wittenberg on July 25th, Stevens Point on July 25th, Marshfield on July 25th, Rhinelander on July 25th, Superior on July 25th, Eau Claire on July 26th, Sparta on July 26th

Where are you located? Let me know so I can get your area on the delivery route. 

List of Current Inventory as of 7/21/14 

Shown above is a batch of used white metal roofing sheets from hog buildings in Iowa. I just received a full truckload. Each sheet was screwed on with the fastening holes every 24" and through the flats. I currently have over 200 sheets that are 22'3" long for only $25 per sheet. Also 100@5' for $6 each/ 100@3' for $4 each. This is a special price until the end of July with free delivery to many Wisconsin areas on all orders placed during the month of July. Call for delivery details. 
Call to place your order. WI Steel 920-923-1716

Shown above is a nice batch of used galvalume metal sheets. Heavy 26 gauge material. There is some sealant residue along the edges. Nice shape and structurally solid. Each sheet covers 36" across the width. I currently have 50@21'6" long. Just $25 per sheet which is far less than half of retail for heavy 26 gauge product. Call today to place your order. 
Wisconsin Steel Corp 920-923-1716

Here is a video of one of my customers who saved his barn and saved a lot of money in the process. He is going to cover the roof on his lean-to which is 45' from top to bottom and 116' from side to side. I provided him with 78 sheets of 23' x 36" for only $2284 delivered.