Current Inventory

Special Note: Free Delivery to many Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Northern IL, Eastern Iowa areas for orders of $300 or more placed in the month of November. 

List of Current Inventory as of 11/22/15

Shown above is a batch of brand new Forest Green panels that just arrived. All the sheets are 3' cuts that were ordered incorrectly and returned to the factory undamaged and ready for resale. The sheets are all 36" long and they cover 36" across the width. I currently have 157 sheets that are 3' long. Just $3.50 per sheet while they last. Wisconsin Steel 920-923-1716

Shown above is a very nice large batch of used galvanized metal roofing sheets that just arrived. Each sheet covers 36" across the width. The sheets were all screwed on and removed with care. The fastening holes are through the flats and every 60" on center.  There is some roof caulk residue along the edges as this was used as a sealant. These sheets were taken down from the roofs of cattle buildings, and they are in fantastic structural condition. All the sheets are straight and lap-able, without cutouts, kinks, tears or rust. This is ultra heavy 24 gauge material and sold at less than 1/3 of retail at just $1.22 per linear foot. Why buy new when used will do? Here is what I currently have available:
100@27'9" = $34 per sheet.
200@25'6" = $31 per sheet.
100@18' = $22.50 each
100@17' = $21.25 each
100@16' = $20 each
100@15' = $18.75 each
100@14' =  $17.50 each
100@13' = $16.25 each
100@12'6" = $15.75 each
100@11'6" = $14.50 each
100@10'6" = $13.25 each
100@9'6" = $12 each
100@8'6" = $10.75 each
100@7'6" $9.50 each
Sold on a first come, first served basis. Call today to place your order. WI Steel 920-923-1716


Shown above is a video of the used heavy 24 gauge galvanized sheets that just arrived.