Current Inventory

Current Inventory as of 5/11/18

The eight photos shown above is a batch of used white metal roofing sheets that just arrived. Ultra heavy 24 gauge material.  The sheets were all nailed on and came off stubbornly with the use of pry bars, so you can see from the pictures that some damage was caused with dented ribs and the nail holes are larger. (The photos shown is indicative of the average) The fastening holes are every 20" on center. Straight and lap-able, structurally solid material without cutouts, kinks, tears or rust. Can be reused for a multitude of practical purposes, such as: Skirting, siding, barn roof repairs, interior liner sheets, wind break, privacy fence, animal shelters, pens, etc.... Each sheet covers 36" across the width. Sold at less than 30% of retail for ultra heavy 24 gauge material. Here is what I have left now on these:
3@23'9"/ 18@11'6" x 36" = 278'3" Liner feet total. All for just $250 
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